Bevel vs Flat Edge Polish

Beveled Glass

In the glass and glazing industry, the terms bevel and flat edge polish refer to two different finishes applied to the edges of glass. Both treatments enhance the appearance of glass and protect it from chipping or cracking, but they achieve slightly different aesthetics.

1. Bevel Edge:

  • Description: A beveled edge on glass means that the edge is cut and polished to a specific angle to produce a sloped or chamfered edge. It’s like a prism edge, and the slope can be quite wide.
  • Aesthetic: The beveled edge can catch and reflect light in interesting ways, creating a decorative effect. It often imparts an elegant and sophisticated appearance to the glass.
  • Usage: Bevel edges are often used in decorative applications, such as on mirrors, tabletops, and accent pieces in doors and windows.Beveled Glass

2. Flat Edge Polish:

  • Description: A flat edge polish refers to the process of cutting the glass edge perpendicular to the surface and then polishing it to create a smooth, flat finish.
  • Aesthetic: This finish provides a clean and minimalistic look. The edge is straight and polished, without any angles.
  • Usage: Flat edge polish is commonly used for shelves, tabletops, shower doors, and other applications where a simple, sleek appearance is desired.Flat Edged Polished Glass


  • Visual Impact: Beveled edges are more decorative and can add a visual flourish to a piece, while flat edge polish offers a straightforward and unembellished look.
  • Cost: Beveling might be more expensive than flat edge polishing due to the additional craftsmanship involved.
  • Versatility: While beveled edges are often chosen for their decorative appeal, flat edge polish can work well in a variety of applications, both functional and aesthetic.

In summary, the choice between a bevel and a flat edge polish depends on the desired aesthetic, the intended use of the glass, and budget considerations.



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