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I broke my arm late August, so all I had was my pain, computer and amazing girlfriend to help look after me on my road to recovery.

6 weeks in the cast I let rip and created an enormous catalog of resources. Times have changed. Technology allows even the disabled to be fully abled with the right technology.

This industrial revolution gives the once handicapped an edge only seen by able bodied people. No one really has an excuse now, technology has fully revolutionised business and content creation. 

In this time off with my injury, I made a start to  my dream! To have a fully stacked, large, healthy, innovative catalogue of, fundamentals and trade secrets of glass and glazing. Your “Glazing Bro’s”  Who’s Who of Glazing Strategies and Fundamentals. We’re along way from that K2 but until then I’ll keep grinding.


No better place to start than my new medium blog

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The week before I broke my arm I got glass in my eye. I remember sitting in emergency finalizing the purchase of the domain name >

Go to for resources on general topics about glass and glazing

This name is very dear to me because it’s the most important name in the industry, in my opinion. Without Glaziers, the people who handle, work with and install glass, Our glazing would be like Rome without running water.

© My New Glass and Glazing Website for Glaziers
And last but not least go to for specific double gazing info.
Blog about double glazing


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