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Glass replacement services explained. If you have a broken window or need some glass replaced, this article is for you. 

Types of windows 


Glass Replacement

For the most part when it involves glass replacement, aluminium windows are straight forward and clean as opposed to timber-framed window glass replacement and repairs. There are two types of sealing when considering glass replacement in Aluminium windows. 

1. Rubber Gasket: we can replace the glass with the original gaskets or use new gaskets. Often when upgrading from an old 3mm window next to a door the original gaskets won’t fit so new rubbers will need to be fitted with the new glass. We carry a variety of gaskets so this is simply a matter of figuring out the gap between the glass and aluminium. 

2. Silicon Seal: Where gasket isn’t appropriate we use silicon to seal the window. I have worked at various glazing companies in and around Melbourne. Focusing on glass replacement so my silicon is of a high standard due to Melbourne’s glazing using the majority of silicon instead of rubbers. 

Timber Frames

Timber Frame Window 

Glass Replacement in Timber frames is extremely straight forward but can present a variety of problems. 

1. Beads: Taking off beads without breaking them while replacing the glass can be a delicate process and requires a lot of care. If the beads are siliconed on the the glazier will need to use a snap blade to cut the beads prior to attempting to lift them off. 

2. Putty: Putty facing is somewhat of an art. I have worked with some very good tradesman that still struggle with a clean and acceptable putty face. Once mastering the removal of timber beads and putty facing then glass replacement in timber frames is for the most part very straight forward.

Now that we have the basics of glass replacement in both timber and aluminium frames let’s look at the different types of commonly used glass in domestic windows.

Types of glass

Float Glass

float glass 

Majority of domestic glass replacement is achieved using float glass. Unless a window is next to a door, in a bathroom or low to the ground (within 500mm) then 3mm-4mm is the standard. Keeping in mind that the Australian code requires 4mm glass. If the square meterage is larger than .85 then 3mm cannot be used and the glazier needs to use a thicker glass. 

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass Upgrade 

Laminated is my favourite material when it comes to glass replacement. It’s safer than toughened and there’s no comparison between float and laminated when it comes to safety- Laminated is the clear winner for glass replacement and home upgraded. When float glass breaks it’s anybody’s guess what can happen, it’s messy, dangerous and highly problematic. Especially around kids. When laminated breaks it stays together and doesn’t break off into dangerous pieces. More for in-depth over read > from  Float vs Laminated article here  

Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass Adelaide

For the purpose of glass replacement toughened isn’t used as often as float or laminated in domestic applications. the main reason for toughened is matching other panels in obscure glasses, dog doors, sliding doors and double glazed units. The main problem with toughened glass is when it breaks it breaks in lots of small pieces. This presents a problem as the glass broken was in a sliding door or bathroom whilst occupied. Although rare toughened glass can also explode without impact and unexpectedly.

There’s a toughened vs laminated article here you might be interested in  

Home Upgrades 

With the ever-increasing prices in heating and cooling one of the most simplest ways to benefit from glass is double glazed units or laminated glass. Due to the thickness of double glazed units, the majority of window frames need to be upgraded before performing any type of glass replacement installing double glazed units. Because of this high cost double glazed units are often looked past, which makes upgrading to laminated glass highly appealing to a lot of our customers and homeowners in general. Not only does Laminated glass offer home efficiency but also the safety benefits can’t be looked past.

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Common Questions.

How much does it cost to replace a piece of glass?

This can vary greatly depending on location (time to travel), type of materials required, access (whether a scaffold or other platform is required, and if the job is after hours.

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