Hush Glass

Hush Glass, or acoustic laminated glass, is a type of glass designed to minimize sound transmission through transparent structures like windows. It is highly valuable in environments that are susceptible to noise pollution, such as urban areas, airports, or educational institutions.

Here’s an overview of its properties and uses:

  1. Composition: Acoustic laminated glass is constructed by bonding together two or more layers of glass with one or more interlayers made from a specialized acoustic PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) resin. This resin is engineered to absorb and dampen sound waves.
  2. Sound Reduction: The acoustic interlayer serves as a flexible barrier, disrupting the sound waves as they traverse the glass. This significantly reduces the transmission of sound, especially effective against frequencies like human speech and traffic noise.
  3. Additional Benefits: Acoustic laminated glass shares many benefits with traditional laminated glass, such as UV protection and potential thermal insulation, depending on its specific construction.
  4. Applications: Acoustic laminated glass is suitable for various applications where noise reduction is crucial. It is used in windows and doors of residential and commercial buildings, office partitions, highway sound barriers, and enclosures for noisy machinery or equipment.
  5. Security Enhancements: The thicker interlayer in acoustic laminated glass not only aids in sound reduction but also enhances the glass’s security features. The additional thickness makes the glass more resistant to breaking and shattering, thereby providing an extra level of protection against burglaries and forced entries. This dual functionality of noise reduction and increased security makes it a popular choice in urban settings and high-risk environments.

By tailoring the specifications to meet specific needs, architects and builders can integrate acoustic laminated glass into their designs, ensuring a combination of tranquility and security in interior spaces.


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