Correct Mirror Installation – Importance and Bad Effects

Wardrobe mirror repaired by Adelaide Glaziers

Installing a mirror level and securely is crucial in both residential and commercial spaces for aesthetic, functional, and safety reasons. Improper installation can lead to several unwanted effects. Here’s why it’s important to ensure that a mirror is set level, and what can go wrong if it’s not done correctly:

Importance of Setting a Mirror Level:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal:
    • A mirror that is not level can disrupt the visual harmony of a space. An unevenly hung mirror can make a room appear skewed or unbalanced.
  2. Functional Integrity:
    • Mirrors serve practical purposes, such as aiding in personal grooming or enhancing the perceived space and light in a room. A mirror that is not level may distort reflections and hinder its functional use.
  3. Safety:
    • Correct installation ensures that the mirror is securely anchored to the wall, minimizing the risk of it falling due to uneven weight distribution.

Unwanted Effects from Incorrect Installation:

  1. Distorted Reflections:
    • An improperly installed mirror may warp or distort reflections, making objects appear skewed or misshapen.
  2. Physical Damage:
    • If a mirror is not set level, undue stress can be placed on one side or corner, leading to cracks or breaks over time. The pressure points from an uneven installation can also lead to chips or cracks at the edges.
  3. Risk of Falling:
    • A mirror that is not level or not securely fixed might eventually loosen and fall, leading to potential injury, property damage, or breakage of the mirror itself.
  4. Visual Disruption:
    • A noticeably unlevel mirror can be a constant source of visual discomfort and can detract from the overall interior design.
  5. Wasted Time and Resources:
    • If a mirror is installed incorrectly, additional time and resources may be needed to reinstall it correctly, leading to inconvenience and potentially added costs.


Ensuring that a mirror is installed level and securely is fundamental in glass and glazing work. It not only preserves the aesthetic and functional aspects of the mirror but also safeguards against potential damages and safety hazards. Proper installation practices should always be observed to avoid the unwanted effects of incorrect installation.


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