Common Glass in Homes

Low-E neutral glass

In Australia, several common types of glass are used in homes to cater to the unique climate, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences. Some of the widely used glass types include:

1.Clear Float Glass:

Appearance: Transparent, clear, and colourless.

Usage: Commonly used in windows and doors.


2.Toughened or Tempered Glass:

Strength: Up to five times stronger than regular glass.

Safety: Breaks into small, rounded pieces, reducing the risk of injury.

Usage: Often used in shower screens, glass doors, and tables.


3.Laminated Glass:

Safety: Holds together when shattered due to the interlayer of plastic.

Sound Insulation: Offers noise reduction properties.

Usage: Ideal for windows and doors, especially in noisy or high-traffic areas.


4.Double Glazing or Insulated Glass Units (IGUs):

Energy Efficiency: Provides excellent thermal insulation by trapping air or gas between two panes of glass.

Usage: Suitable for homes in regions with extreme temperatures to reduce energy costs.


5.Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass:

Energy Efficiency: Coated with a thin metallic layer that reflects heat and UV rays.

Usage: Useful for maintaining a stable indoor climate and protecting interiors from sun damage.


6.Tinted Glass:

Appearance: Colored or tinted to reduce glare and heat from the sun.

Usage: Suitable for windows and doors facing the sun.


7.Reflective Glass:

Appearance: Has a reflective surface to bounce back a portion of the sunlight.

Privacy: Provides daytime privacy.

Usage: Often used in high-rise buildings but can also be used in homes.


8.Patterned or Textured Glass:

Appearance: Has patterns or textures to diffuse light and offer privacy.

Usage: Common in bathroom windows, doors, or as decorative accents.


9.Smart Glass:

Functionality: Can change transparency on demand, offering instant privacy.

Usage: Used in modern homes for windows, partitions, and skylights.


10.Obscured Glass:

Privacy: Translucent, allowing light to pass through while ensuring privacy.

Usage: Ideal for bathroom windows and entry doors.

Given Australia’s focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, many homes prefer to use glass types that offer thermal insulation and UV protection. It is always advisable to consult with a local window specialist or architect to choose the best type of glass suited for your specific needs and location.


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